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        Wessex-Oxford Neonatal Education Programme
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​Theme based multidisciplinary simulation is run in the NICU.
OPEN Concept
Combination of Simulation with Video's to reinforce observed, perceived and experiential learning.
Task training models developed in the neonatal simulation programme include the gastroschisis, difficult neonatal airway and chest drain model.
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Task Training Models
Qualitative feedback for the programme has been prospectively evaluated since 2010. This has been used to validate scenarios
BMJ AWARDS 2014-Nomination
Education Team of the Year
ASPIH 2015-Best Research Award

The concept MPROvE relates to multidisciplinary education of any kind (i.e. multidisciplinary neonatal simulation, or TEL) being used to evaluate if we can improve the quality of care and or outcomes. It is covered by trademark and has been nominated for a BMJ award in 2014.
This channel has videos for procedural skills training, escalation, human factors training and patient safety in neonatal care.
Guideline Simulation
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