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Course Overview
Neonatal Ethics and Difficult Situations Course
The OPEN Concept
Caring for neonates brings with it number of challenging situations for neonatal teams. A team of neonatal consultants, ethics experts and legal minds have come together, using simulation and the OPEN concept to expose multidisciplinary teams to ethical, and moral dilemmas as well as difficult situations. We aim to promote learning through observation, perception and experiential learning in a safe structured environment. 
The NEDS course has a diverse faculty which involves neonatal simulation instructors, ethics experts, palliative care experts and parents.
The open concept promotes experiential learning through workshops, case based discussions & high and low fidelity simulation
The course is currently run in centres in London, Oxford, Southampton and Wirral in the UK.
Next Course- Southampton
Date 07/11/2017
This course is run paperless. All course material, handouts and videos are shared via dropbox.
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