Wessex-Oxford Neonatal Education Programme
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 Wessex-Oxford Neonatal Education Programme 
The Wessex-Oxford Neonatal Education Programme was established in 2012 to further neonatal education in Wessex and Thames Valley neonatal network. It has completed 5 years as an established programme for grid neonatal trainees, paediatric trainees with a neonatal interest and neonatal fellows at Princess Anne Hospital. It is led by the trainees themselves. The aim of WONEP is to maximise the opportunities for grid neonatal trainees, ANNP's and Neonatal Fellows to achieve the relevant competencies as mentioned in the RCPCH curriculum (Clinical & Non-Clinical). The programme consists of network study days, simulation training and workshops rotating between Southampton, Oxford and Portsmouth. There are 12 curriculum mapped study days over a 3 year cycle. Extra training days are organised for neonatal grid trainees and neonatal fellows on simulation instructor training, interview skills and management. Feedback is collated after every study day to improve the programme and its delivery.

Trainee Lead: Dr Aakarshan Mehta, MTI Neonatal Fellow, Princess Anne Hospital Southampton 

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Detailed curriculum and how to achieve them for grid trainees is available on the RCPCH website

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   Neonatal Difficult Airway Course
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Wessex Neonatal Ventilation Workshop
Venue - Jan Heath Clinical Skills Room University Hospitals Southampton NHS Trust
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                   Respiratory 2 

Wessex-Oxford Neonatal Nutrition Study Day- 15th November 2018
 Venue - Room LF8 F Level University Hospital Southampton 
                                                                               Registration                                Programme

19th December 2018
                   Respiratory 1
Postnatal Problems
Communication Skills 
Respiratory 2