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        Wessex-Oxford Neonatal Education Programme
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Completion of a postgraduate qualification-MD; DNB; FCPS
Completion of IELTS exam (Academic)
 Wessex Neonatal Fellowship Programme
The Wessex Neonatal Fellowship programme allows for placement of overseas trainees with appropriate postgraduate qualifications in Princess Anne Hospital, Southampton UK.
It is the regional tertiary neonatal centre for the South East of England catering to Neonatal medical and surgical intensive care. The SONET neonatal transport service caters to moving sick neonates in the region
This scheme is run by the RCPCH
The Wessex Neonatal Fellowships have been run since 2011.
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Proficiency in English is mandatory
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Roles and Responsibilities
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            Fellowship Programme
The neonatal fellowship programme in Princess Anne Hospital is accredited and quality assured by the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health. The programme is 2 years. The first 3-6 months is spent at the ST3 level followed by remaining 18 months at ST4-8 level. Trainees get experience in neonatal medicine and surgery. Subspecialty training in neonatal cardiology, neonatal respiratory, neonatal nutrition and neonatal neurology are options in year 2 alongside level 3 exposure.
Neonatal Fellows